Welcome to the Marshwood Travel Soccer 2015 Season!
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Welcome to the MTS website for Eliot, South Berwick & Rollinsford communities!

Please join us 11/11/2015 for the end of the season review at the Great Works school at 7:00pm. 

Congrats to our u13 D1 girls on making the semifinals. Below are the results 

U14 Boys – York SC-Convery

U14 Girls – Scarborough SC-Johnson
U13 Boys – Falmouth YSA-Buckley
U13 Girls – PAYSA Aponte-Clarke
U12 Boys – Bronco Travel SC
U12 Girls – Brunswick SC Dragons

U14 Boys – South Portland Strikers
U14 Girls – Winslow Travel SC
U13 Boys – Kittery SC-Laroche
U13 Girls – Kennebunk SC-Raymond
U12 Boys - Saco SC-Suey
U12 Girls – Cape Elizabeth SC-Sevilla

Soccer Maine adopted the best practices of small sided games when it was first introduced over ten years ago. Other states are just catching up with what is best for our developing youth players. In 2016, new best practice mandates will have Soccer Maine introducing a slight change in number of players on the field with a move to 7v7 for U9 and U10, and 9v9 for U11 and U12. The newly mandated Calendar Year Change will move us to a January 1-December 31 soccer registration year.  For example, 14 and Under will be made up of players born in 2002 or younger in 2016.  Players will continue to be able to play up with their school-grade friends, as long as they are not too old for the age group, and Soccer Maine will encourage town travel clubs to keep their teams grade based. The US Youth Soccer board voted to implement the “calendar year” registration to begin in the 2016-2017 season (fall of 2016).  All state associations and their members will be making this change, however state associations have the ability to structure their in-state leagues as they wish.  These initiatives from US Soccer are to further the development of the players in the US at the National team level and to align the US with the international standard.  US Soccer is the governing body for the sport of soccer in the United States.   These mandates apply to national youth soccer organizations which are members of US Soccer, which include US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, AYSO, and SAY to name a few of the more familiar organizations.  Soccer Maine is a US Youth Soccer state association and as such, falls under the umbrella of US Soccer.   Soccer Maine will encourage its premier clubs to move to birth year as much as possible as these teams participate in State Cup, which is part of the National Championships Series. Soccer Maine will have all town travel clubs formulate their teams as grade based to avoid loss of players from their programs.  Town Travel is NOT connected to a National Championships Series, therefore, Soccer Maine has the ability to structure the Fall Classic League as appropriate for our clubs.

The above statement will be reviewed in the coming months. MTS will have a clearer picture of what this means for the 2016 season.Please stay tuned.

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Our Mission  

Our mission is to provide a fun and competitive youth soccer playing experience, focused on player development, competing against other clubs in the state of Maine. We are committed to making the experience fun for the players. However, the expectations of our players, coached and parents are higher than other youth soccer programs.

Contact Us

For more information regarding MTS Soccer please email:


If you would like to contact us via mail, you may send it to: MTS PO Box 421, Eliot Maine 03903.

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