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Welcome to the MTS website for Eliot, South Berwick & Rollinsford communities!

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Schedule of Events

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9/13/2014 all day Silent Sidelines with Kittery
9/20/2014 All Day  MTS under the Lights / Friendly's with York 


SEPTEMBER 13 Silent Sidelines day with Kittery

On Saturday, September 13th, we will hold our second “Silent Sidelines” day with games against Kittery. The inaugural day last year was considered an overall success by coaches and board members from both clubs.

This is the only day of the year that we request spectators supporting any of the teams as well as the coaches for the U11 to U14 teams to remain silent during the games. One change from last year is that the coaches for U9 and U10 teams will be allowed to coach as they normally would.

We understand and expect that there will be some parents/coaches who do not agree with this concept and that there will be others that will fully agree. We are not attempting to gain full approval from parents; we are only attempting to reach the following goals in our attempts to develop the best soccer players we can.

The goals of Silent Sidelines: 
• Develop players to make their own decisions on field
• Allow players to think for themselves, take risks and foster their own instincts on the field.
• Improve player communication with one another on field by reducing coach/spectator direction.
• Support youth referees by eliminating comments from sidelines. 
• Allow spectators to reflect on the importance of allowing kids to think for themselves in game situations.

We are requesting that all spectators remain SILENT on this weekend. We are asking for one day where we stand back and just let the players play free of the distractions caused by spectators screaming and yelling to them.

The guidelines are simple. Spectators and Coaches are to be completely silent during the game. Applause and other nonverbal communication is permitted and encouraged during the course of play. We are not asking that you not cheer for your soccer player, we are only asking that you do it without using your voice.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Marshwood Travel Soccer

2014 Travel Schedule

Be sure to check your Sunday travel games here. Saturday friendly games will not be posted on  soccer Maine's website. Check back here soon for your Saturday friendly games.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun and competitive youth soccer playing experience, focused on player development, competing against other clubs in the state of Maine. We are committed to making the experience fun for the players. However, the expectations of our players, coached and parents are higher than other youth soccer programs.

Contact Us

For more information regarding MTS Soccer please email:

If you would like to contact us via mail, you may send it to: MTS PO Box 421, Eliot Maine 03903.

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